Download Toy School – Numbers APK

Learn numbers with your favourite TOY SCHOOL teachers – Teddy, Doll and Horse!

“Toy School – Numbers” has 8 mini games that repeat and gradually get more challenging so that the child could learn numbers step by step.

Meet the Numbers Game
Tap pictures of numbers to see and hear how many and what objects are behind them.

Number Tracing Game
Trace the numbers and learn how to write them.

Number Train Game
Put the numbers on the correct train wagons and learn the sequence of numbers.

Pencil Counting Game
Count pencils in the cups and put a sticker with correct number on each cup.

Object Counting Game
Catch flying objects and count them.

Building Blocks Game
Move the numbers on the building blocks with the matching number of dots.

Bubbles Game
Catch and tap the flying bubbles with correct number of stars.

Flower Petals Game
Count the flower petals and match flowers with numbers.

•Learn numbers with three cool TOY SCHOOL teachers!
•More than 20 tasks inside!
•Get your rewards – complete fun tasks and collect all 4 stars!
•Learn numbers and count from 1 to 10 as you play!


Toy School – Numbers Screenshots: