Download Tribe – Magical Messaging. APK

For the first time in your chatting history, you'll be able to :

– Free one hand to send messages when you carry a coffee, an umbrella or a suitcase.
– Walk and chat simultaneously with one person or more.
– Stay safe. We delete every message from our database after being opened.
– Handle many conversation faster than you ever did through a colourful and lightweight interface.
– Talk with contacts from another timezone without scheduling.
– Get location-based context from messages like weather and distance.
– Feel something at every single message you watch.
– Avoid every single mistakes. Even from the auto-correct.
– Discover the funniest Group experience out there.

All you need to do is press and hold to record a message. Then, release to send.
And if the recipient doesn't use Tribe yet, your messages will be texted.

Obviously, it's free so you can share this new magical messaging experience with any of your contacts.

If you have any questions while jamming with the app, just ask our CEO directly from the app. He'll answer right away to make you feel comfy. If you need any information before downloading Tribe, reach us on Twitter at @heytribe!

Tribe – Magical Messaging. Screenshots: