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Truth or Dare?
Want to really spice things up? Try playing the classic party game – Truth or Dare!

Choose to either answer a question truthfully or, if you have the kahuna's.. try one of our huge database of embarrassing Dares!


In addition to our huge database of questions and dares, you can add your own!
Ever wanted to see a buddy stand on one leg while slapping a raw chicken? Well now's your chance, add it into the dare section and hope it doesn't backfire and land on you!!

Quick Start or Full Game modes:

Want to jump straight in and answer questions or complete dares? Then just dive straight into Quick Start mode, no setup required.

Want the game to keep score and challenge your friends to multiple rounds of Truth Or Dare?

Then try full game mode – enter each players name, the number of rounds you want to play – and see who is the most honest, or bravest player at the end!

Own the very best, most customisable Truth or Dare app available, download today!


Truth or Dare Screenshots:

Download Truth Or Dare APK

*** It is the one of the most popular , ancient and evergreen intresting game that can make anybody fill with enthusiasm . It is of all ages one child can play with his grandfather and grandfather can play with his son..
This game have lots of truths and dare questions and have the capability of playing 7 players at a time by which you and your freinds feel like they are trapped , so get ready and enjoy one of the best Truth Or Dare game ever played.***

** Download Pro version for more excitement and real feeling **`

Truth Or Dare Screenshots: