Download Wash Kids Clothes 2 APK

After the successful launch of Wash kids Clothes. We introduce a better version with better game play.

Hey kids have you ever help your mommy in her routine work? If no, then start now to help her. Play wonderful game "Wash Kids Clothes" to learn how to wash clothes.

In this game you will learn how to wash cloth in proper manner. There are three three main activities Machine Wash, hanging for dry and ironing. In Machine activity first put all colored cloths in washing machine, add washing powder and ON the machine. Dry all clothes outside after the wash and then iron the clothes. The Fun part in this game is hanging the clothes. Do you want to give a try ? o_O

Wash Kid’s Clothes is an accessible, non-violent, fun and addictive casual mobile game for all ages, boys and girls, man and woman. Parents looking for apps to distract a kid or games for an Android smartphone to entertain and amuse young children will find Wash Kids Clothes to be an amazing babysitter.

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