Download Weather Archive APK

Explore and analyze the weather conditions in the past.

Have you ever wondered what the weather was during your last vacation?
Or how cold it was last winter?
Or would you like to plan your next travel according to the weather?
Or is now the hottest/coldest time ever?
Is the climate really changing?

Then – Weather Archive is for you!
It gives you access to history data for more than 10000 locations in the world, reaching up to 70 years for some. You can easily find the answers of the mentioned questions, and have fun exploring the weather conditions on remote locations.

Statistical and History related data is always something that pops up when discussing weather. Which in turn happens each day. Weather Archive helps bring some facts into those discussions by giving you access to temperature and conditions history from the past years. For most cities there is history for 15-20 years, while for quite some US cities, the history spans to as early as 1950 and more. This allows you to even monitor climate change trends, or at least re-validate statements of temperatures being so hot/cold ever.
The history data is collected from select weather stations, this is why it is not possible to have information for each city. Anyway – there are more than 2000 locations that you can explore.


Weather Archive Screenshots: