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Weather+ is setting a new standard for Weather applications! Top 100 worldwide on the Apple iPad & iPhone.
– New York Times: "The most useful Weather App!"
– Apple: App Store Essentials – Apps Starter Kit
– The Daily: Featured in The Daily App

"You would be well advised to download Weather+. This app puts all your vital weather information on one page, and the background video matches the weather conditions."

Weather+ gives you current weather conditions and a 5-day forecast of all worldwide weather stations. The information is visualized with beautiful full screen video loops for all conditions. This combined with a Flip Clock and a World Clock upgrades your ipad to a weather station like you never imagined.

Fully functional on all Android devices!

Weather+ includes a wide range of professional features.

☀ Weather and time details for an unlimited number of cities.
☀ Full screen video loops of the weather in the selected location.
☀ Fully functional on all Android devices and resolutions!
☀ Standard weather info like condition description and temperature.
☀ Wind direction and speed details.
☀ Humidity, precipiation, pressure and visibility details.
☀ 3-hourly weather forecast for a total of 5 days.
☀ Swipe the screen from left to right to switch between selected locations.
☀ Flip clock with World Clock time of your current location and of the selected location.
☀ Switch between Fahrenheit/Miles and Celsius/Kilometers

You also can change the arrangements of the widgets manually:

☀ Show clock, daily & hourly forecast
☀ Show clock & daily forecast
☀ Show clock only
☀ Show one minimal widget at the bottom
☀ No widgets, text only

Weather+ is designed to be your daily companion for your basic weather condition needs and will drastically improve your connection to nature and its elements.

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Download Weather APK

This weather app is a heavy multi-functional forecast widget. It provides you with multiple channels and stations to facilitate analyzing and interpreting conditions at any point of time. You will maximize your home screen with this app and it will allow you to interpret hourly, weekly and 10 days conditions faster than any other app.

– Hourly, daily, weekly and 10-day, forecasts which includes; future conditions, wind speed & direction, humidity, pressure, fog prediction.
– Display live details from 20 stations around your location. (METAR Aviation)
– Aerosol (PM 2.5) dust for three days and show alerts if the risk zone reaches non-healthy level.
– Interpret severe conditions that lead to many risks and show them as alerts on the widget.
– Analyze 3-days UV index and display a warning icon on the widget with time and risks details.
– You can customize rain alerts to inform you about taking umbrella or not.
– Wind Chill risks alerts to wear heavy winter cloth based on the wind chill index and safety risks zones.
– Black Ice prediction
– Morning delay alerts based on multiple metrics like freezing rain or any other condition that could occur before leaving your home.
– Heat stroke alerts based on humidity and temperature (Humidex).
– You have the ability to extend this widget to analyze social media data and warn you about violence near your geographical location (Twitter)
– Analog clock on the main Widget and can be placed as a separate widget on the home screen.

You should place the widget on your home screen to work. Some users (Sony) with custom launcher can install the widget inside the provide app container.

This app is a powerful widget that Interprets climate data to avoid hazards like heat stroke, sunburn, dust storms, frostbite, hypothermia, travel hazards, air quality pollution and many other conditions.

This app utilizes MapQuest to display METAR data from the nearest 20 stations.

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Download Weather APK

☀ ☁ World Weather Forecast ☁ ☀

Try a brand new generation of timekeepers that will illuminate your phone or tablet with the color splash of surreal beauty in red, yellow, blue, purple or pink color or shiny neon glow. Each “HD clock widget” has everything you need – a creative “clock with date and temperature” that has been decorated with lovely vibrant colors. If you want to give your “Android™ phone” a retro flare go for the vintage designs, or make your tablet elegant and simple with “transparent digital clock”. Check the “weather forecast“ for any city worldwide by typing its name, resize your weather clock widget 2×2 to any wanted size and set the “digital alarm clock”, so that you can wake up to the sight of a little master piece – your very own authentic weather widget! Can you believe that this free “weather app” has all these features? Enjoy your elegant and minimalist “digital clock with date”, completely free of charge and let it make your smartphone more beautiful than ever.

■■ Weather forecasts for multiple locations all around the world are at hand with “digital clock widget” – just type the name of your city!
■■ Choose from 10 simple “weather clock and date widget” designs or you create your perfect “digital clock theme” by picking color and font of time and date!

■■ First, you need to ADD “Weather Clock” to your HOME SCREEN!
■■ You should go to MENU and then press the 'ADD' button or, depending on your device, tap the empty space and hold your finger until the pop-up menu-window labeled 'ADD TO HOME SCREEN' appears (you might need to find + BUTTON, or the option 'WIDGET' to add it to home screen).


Enjoy your “daily weather” update! Every day a new “weather clock” unlocks, so, just be patient and have fun combining all ten beautiful designs, font styles and the lovely colors. Transform your smartphone with “digital clock with weather”, the most beautiful widget pro, and start waking up feeling fresh as a daisy. Let this “digital clock and date widget” welcome you to the realm of cool gadgets and gizmos and be your personal “weather channel”! Find your favorite time clock, customize it according to your taste and check the “world weather forecast” for any city in the world! Get this “free download” and capture the glitter and sparkle on your screen with one of the best apps for Android – our “digital clock with weather”!


■■ When you download the cool “digital weather clock”, initially you get 5 beautiful widget faces, while the rest of them unlock over the next 5 days.
■■ Tap on the digital “free clock widget” and hold to resize and move your beautiful widget!
■■ This useful time and date widget also provides you with the accurate temperature (in Celsius and Fahrenheit).
■■ “Weather Widget“ has local time in 12 or 24-hour format!
■■ Set the“alarm clock“ of the digital widget by swiping through the digits on the screen and tap on “set alarm” button!


Welcome to the realm of “weather zone” widgets! Get the colorful “alarm clock to wake you up” and wake up to the loveliest and authentic weather widget. Let the color mania start! Make your tablet glow in the dark with the brightest and the most colorful weather clock widget. Impress all your friends and light up your screen with saturated or muted colors this weather clock app offers for you. Each and every live wallpaper will be your absolute favorite if you embellish your screen with world weather and time widget. Get this “world clock free download” and you will fall in love with the neon effects, retro clock or a simple widget with time and date and weather pro. Enjoy!

* Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
* This widget is ad-supported.

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Download Weather APK

App allows to get weather forecast for nearly every place on Earth. Whats here:
– you can input name of town, village, mountain, island or whatever else.
– if "not found" – just tap required place on map and get your weather forecast!
– you can search using like 30 different languages!
– 3-5 days forward at every 3 hours (see screenshots)
– different background themes are available
– NO GPS permission is required!
– Ads are shown only in one of 4 application launches!

Known issues:
– On some devices "search" option may not work sometimes, please use "Mark on map" in this case. Or you can reboot your device and search will be working again.

Privacy Policy:

The software is free and is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. In no event shall the author be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential or incidental damages, arising out of the use or inability to use this software even if the author has been advised of the possibility of such damages or claims. By installing or using this software you accept this disclaimer.

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Download Weather APK

Find weather directly from your Android phone. Weather forecast for several days.

Weather Screenshots:

Download Weather APK


Weather Screenshots:

Download Weather++ APK

Weather++ is THE weather app for Android!

Weather++ displays forecasts from multiple weather providers. All in attractive and intuitive form.

Some of the features:

– Modern and well-designed UI
– Forecasts from 2 weather providers: World Weather Online and Yahoo! Weather. More coming soon!
– Humidity, wind condition and pressure included
– Displays actual location
– Manage saved locations
– Low battery usage
– Stable and lightweight
– Attractive widget

It's absolutely Free. No ads!


Weather++ Screenshots:

Download Weather APK

– Support for choose cities or regions
– An option to switch between celsius fahrenheit
– Intuitive, simple user interface
– Five days forecasts
– Automatic or manual update weather
– Weather supports all parts of the world
– Interactive radar maps, satellite maps, temperature maps and wind
– Sunrise, sunset time, and wind and air pressure
– Humidity and visibility
– Offers quality support for Android devices – from Android 2.2 to Android 4.3

If you like this APP, please give us 5 star rating in the market, thank you for your support!`

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Download Weather APK

Ever thought why weather apps are so complicated? Weather is the solution for you.
No more advanced configuration, no more exhausting settings, just configure your location and scale and you are good to go.

• Super easy-to-use
• Scale change (Celsius / Fahrenheit) with one click
• 3 Day forecast
• Shows temperature, humidity, wind and hpa
• Free forever!

Configure the location and scale in settings and you are DONE!


Weather Screenshots:

Download Weather APK

Get the latest current conditions, forecast and more! Fast and reliable.

Enjoy these popular and easy to use features:
– Search and add cities around the Globe.
– Four day forecast.
– One click F to C conversion and ability to maintain own unit per city.`

Weather Screenshots:

Download Weather + APK

Weather + :: Lock Screen, Live Wallpaper, Photos and Backgrounds
Kick off your day with accurate weather information and beautiful photos near you.

Weather at your glance

Experience a whole new Lock Screen UI—weather, stunning photo near you—and then swipe to unlock through beautiful screen.

• Find out accurate weather report including current temperature, high and low temperature and probability of precipitation forecast based on your current location.
• Discover beautiful cities of the world from the famous to just the fabulously obsessed everyday.
• Just swipe to unlock. You can easily go to home screen or quickly launch camera.

Have any questions or feedback?

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Weather + Screenshots:

Download Weather APK

Weather is exceptionally easy to use app for staying always updated with the weather conditions.

The Weather app is specifically designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. With just one click you receive the weather condition in your status bar at your current location.

The climate state is gorgeously animated so that you can almost experience it, seeing how the weather comes alive.

The app is using Weather Underground as a data channel and the live updates are really tiny so that you would not use up your data cap.


– Weather supports geo-positioning, retrieving the latest weather conditions for your current location

– An option to manually add your location

– Add and track the weather conditions in multiple locations

– Weather is one of the most lightweight weather apps on Google Play!

– Animated weather conditions – see how the weather comes alive!

– Widgets for different locations

– Hourly and weekly forecasts

– Intuitive, seamless user interface

– Support for the lock screen widget in Android 4.2

– Weather benefits all known screen resolutions

– Offers quality support for Android devices – from Android 1.5 to Android 4.3

– Tap on the temperature to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit

– You can allow and disable the notifications

– Choose by yourself what will be the next feature of Weather! Leave a comment or send us an e-mail and help us make Weather the best app of its kind.

Get in touch with us and follow the latest news regarding our apps:


Weather Screenshots:

Download Weather APK

– Provides current weather condition and 5-Day weather forecast
– Powerful location search, searches for all cities in the world by country and city or zip code
– Home screen widgets
– Supports geo-positioning, retrieving the latest weather conditions for your current location
– Add and track the weather conditions in multiple locations.
– Animated weather conditions.
– Can access tens of thousands of cities around the world.
– Information available in different units.
– The offline can view cached weather.
– Automatic or manual update of data
– Humidity and wind conditions
– Current condition, temperature, low and high temperatures`

Weather Screenshots:

Download Weather APK

Weather is just a simple and stylish weather widget, based on CyanogenMod LockClock, which uses either Yahoo or OpenWeatherMap weather API for data. Also supports showing calendar events on the expanded widget.

Can use current location, or manually specify, and shows all the information that anyone really needs without bloating or going massively overboard.

Supports Chronus/Crius icon themes.

Includes PollFish survey delivery (please support my development by answering surveys, they will be disabled for 36 hours after successful completion of one and only take a few seconds of your time).

Approximate/precise location – Required to get correct weather info
Full network access – Required for the ACRA bug reporting system
Prevent phone from sleeping – Only to finish any current update before sleeping
Read calendar events – Required to show calendar information
Run at startup – To setup update schedule on device startup
View network connections – To determine if there is a connection to use
View Wi-Fi connections – Required by PollFish library to minimise mobile data usage

(Please no complaints about the sloppy commit logs and lack of comments)


Weather Screenshots: